Partisan aims to be inclusive and accessible to our community. We know this is a beautiful dream and also that we’re nowhere near it yet. For example, we are unfortunately not yet wheelchair accessible as we haven’t managed to do the necessary access adaptations yet. Sorry about this.

It’s a core part of the project to be really open about our current access issues and to strive to be inclusive; catering to different kinds of needs. We want to be open and honest and as accurate as possible about our accessibility because we believe this is the best way to include the most amount of people.

Below are the current accessibility arrangements:

  • Partisan is over two floors of a large building, occupied by offices on the ground floor. We have the basement and the first floor. Both of our floors have a large open central area with high ceilings. Each floor is equipped with suitable furniture, but the spaces are adaptable and can be easily split or sectioned off using the available sofas, tables and chairs, or making use of the pillars in the building as sectional structures
  • Physical access is currently very limited for both floors; details and videos of doorways and staircases can be provided. There are currently no wheelchair ramps or lifts.
  • Assistance dogs are welcome throughout the venue.
  • None of the toilets are currently fully accessible. All of them involve steps. All are gender-neutral. The toilets on the first floor are single-occupancy rooms, the toilets in the basement are stalls.
  • Some of our access depends on the event. Alcohol is sometimes present across both floors – particularly for gigs and music nights, but not for things like meetings and workshops. Contact if you would like details of a specific event.
  • Sometimes both floors are open, and are likely to be busy for larger events. At these events we offer a quiet room, just in case things get a bit overwhelming. Come and talk to anybody with a Partisan badge if you are feeling at all uncomfortable and we will do our best to help you feel more at ease, or to discuss any problems you might have.
  • Prices at the bar will be lower than other clubs and for in-house organised events, door fees are on a sliding scale based on income.