Fri 28 /Sat 29 / Sun 30 July 2017

**Calling all Musicians, Artists, Performers, Exhibitors, Presenters and Marketing folk**

If you are one of these people, we need your help to put on our first three-day ‘Festival in a building’ fundraising event. We are so so close to securing Manchester’s first co-operatively owned cultural, arts, and community venue, and we just need people like you.

We are Partisan Collective, a charitable co-operative based in Manchester. Our business model is to put on music and other events in order to subsidise free space for grassroots cultural and political activity.

In order to raise the money to make this project self-sustaining, we are holding a series of ‘Partisan Open Weekends’ (POW). The first is on 28/29/30th July. The following POWs will be the first weekends of September, October and November.

The building is incredible: a listed former synagogue in central Manchester. It even already looks like a nightclub. The events will be split across two floors.On the Lower Ground Floor we will have a large bar and stage for gigs, club nights, and noisy stuff. The First Floor will have a café, bar, and hot food too..

The activity will be teeming throughout all of these spaces and will include bands, DJ’s, performing arts, presentations, seminars, exhibitions, film screenings and street food providers. If you think you can contribute to any one of these categories then please get in touch asap!

If you think you can help with our marketing in any way too, whether it be creating some publicity images, event posters, email marketing, social media marketing, whatever, then please also give us a shout!

All profits made will be used predominantly for keeping the building open (in particular, paying for the rent) and importantly, to make the space accessible. In the long term, it is a key principle that everyone will be paid for their work and that grassroots communities use the building for free, but we first need to get financially stable.

Please help contribute to producing Manchester’s newest and most exciting performing & cultural arts venue, made for and by the people who will use it. That is, we hope, you.

For more information about the various groups and individuals we support, please have a look at our website here: http://partisancollective.net/

For photos of the venue and current building plans, see this link – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0vmdnjxM41GVy1rdkRmWC1iTzQ?usp=sharing

For plans for event layouts, see this link – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0vmdnjxM41GVElUMWxtS0VtcjA?usp=sharing

We hope to hear from you soon,
The Partisan Collective


New Year, New Horizons

Hello and Happy New Year from all of us at Partisan Collective!

We just wanted to post a (very belated – sincere apologies) piece to say another HUGE thank you to all who donated to our crowdfunder and to say that we’re super chuffed we hit our target. Donations have still been coming in and without everybody’s recognition we couldn’t have succeeded, so sincere thanks from all of us. In addition, it is well worth congratulating the Real Junk Food Project who kept absolutely smashing their own crowdfunding targets and ended up raising a whopping £39,155! Solidarity!

So, we took a bit of a back seat over Christmas and everyone enjoyed a well-deserved break but since the start of January we have been busying away, setting our sights on a brand new space to continue nurturing DIY, cultural and grassroots community groups. All we can say is WATCH THIS SPACE as we are (hopefully!) so close to securing somewhere very soon. In the meantime, we are going to get back into the swing of putting on some great events, whether that’s putting on a night of live music, hosting poetry events, panel discussions or just putting on a huge party to ensure Partisan stays alive and kicking – keep your eyes and ears peeled. We’re kicking off with a gig at The Old Abbey Taphouse on February 14th (yes, that’s right) with Holiday and Mercury Tales heading the line-up, plus one more act to be announced soon!

On the flipside, if your community group, co-operative or personal endeavour has any meetings, projects or events you’d like support with, just reach out and we will help shout about them.

Another piece of exciting news is that we will be starting a monthly podcast! Our first is to be recorded and released early-mid February. It aims to focus on Partisan’s core areas and values: DIY culture, arts and community projects, as well as providing a platform to discuss all of these subjects and more. The first one will be more of an introductory piece about these values, alongside exactly what we, our user groups and our fellow community do to support independent, DIY and grassroots ventures. Keep your ears out in February and learn how to join the debate in our first podcast.

Until then, keep a check on our social media sites for pending events and goings on!