User groups

Groups that currently use Partisan include:

  • Cities of Hope
  • Greater Manchester Housing Action
  • Ladyfest Manchester
  • Manchester People’s Assembly
  • New Economy Organiser’s Network (NEON)
  • Picket the Profiteers
  • Another Europe is Possible
  • MCR Radical Mental Health
  • Manchester Punk Festival
  • Global Justice Now
  • Steady State
  • Manchester Friends of Kurdistan
  • Manchester Film Co-op
  • Manchester Coalition of Disabled People
  • Manchester No Prisons
  • Left Unity
  • Dear Friend
    Now Then magazine for Manchester
    Manchester Irish Abortion Rights Campaign

Artists that have exhibited at Partisan include:

  • Javier Camanas
  • Hilary O’Mahony
  • Nicholas Pierce

If you are a group or individual that wants to use our space for a meeting or event then get in touch.