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Irma Vep
Irma Vep is a loner, a joker, a roamer, a ribald construct riddled with both earnest anxiety and mercurial songwriting talent birthed by a young Edwin Stevens in Llanfairfechan, North Wales. Having since fully grown into Irma Vep and now residing in Glasgow, Stevens’ discography has expanded to document every aspect of his music, from ecstatically free group experiments to bare, sparse songwriting that cuts to the quick, shorn of ornament or pretence. Stevens moonlights in several other groups (Sex Hands, Klaus Kinski, Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, Yerba Mansa…), bringing with him an instantly recognisable guitar language. However, it’s in Irma Vep that his most life-affirming, troubling and thrilling music is made. Much Irma Vep feels like what “classic” music should feel like if it weren’t so Classic. Each record, each song and each performance exists as an evolving drama.

The Birthmarks
A Rock band featuring people that are or have been involved with Sex Hands, Irma Vep, Klaus Kinski, Aldous RH, Egyptian Hip Hip, Human Hair, Sydney, lovvers, TDA, Wait Loss and many more. Dylan And Edwin have recruited a keyboard player, Henry Withers out of Lovvers and Human Hair and that, and while eating a fry up at Fuel they recruited the chef Billy Tebb to play bass guitar after Oliver left to travel the world and become a chef himself.

bunny hoova
Avant garde high grade weirdo pop with sharp transfixing melodies.

Handel –
Three-piece band who make post minimal pre sloppy latin functional proto samba trash. Will be playing a set of deconstructed Handel scores.

Advance tickets available soon:
£5 Partisan member
£6 standard
Tickets will also be available on the door.

This will be a Partisan fundraiser, with all proceeds going to our space.

Many thanks to Lisa Lorenz for the design of our poster and Facebook header!

Note: this event is happening in our upstairs area. It is on the same day as the Partisan All Day Party ! #7 but is a separate event. Please enter through the basement entrance and head up the stairs.

Tickets can be purchased below.

Irma Vep / The Birthmarks / Bunny Hoova / Handel

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