Access Fund

A graphic which reads "Partisan Access Fund", in the background there is an image of the building Partisan is based in.

Partisan Access Fund is the fundraising campaign we’ve created to raise ~£90,000 to pay for the accessibility adaptations for Partisan Collective’s current home at the bottom at 19 Cheetham Hill Road. 

The building adaptations will likely take place in stages, and therefore our funding applications are likely to mimic that pattern. However, Partisan recognizes that there are a number of things that can be done in order to improve the accessibility of our building and of our activities in the meantime. Money raised through the Partisan Access Fund will pay for these as well. 

We welcome suggestions for improvements we can make to our accessibility while we wait for the major building works. Things we can do now include, for example, installing high visibility, non-slip nosing for our staircases, improving lighting and hosting more meetings in accessible locations alternative to Partisan. 

The Partisan Access Fund has a new Facebook page as well as a fledgling Spacehive page for its campaign. We are actively seeking volunteers who would like to get involved in helping raise the funds that will enable Partisan to be a truly accessible community centre.

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