Accessibility for Organisers

This page explains our accessibility requirements and advice to event organisers.

What Partisan requires from organisers re: accessibility.

  • If you are running a paid ticketed event, you must provide the option of a free additional ticket to a paying disabled person who is attending for a PA to accompany them. Provide information on how people can request these.

  • If your event has a performance aspect, ensure there is a seating viewing area available for those who cannot stand for long periods. Ensure there is always seating in the room.

  • You may not use strobe lights or smoke machines.

  • You must have this accessibility statement on any online event promotion:

“Regrettably, Partisan is not yet wheelchair accessible. However, they are working closely with the council and their architect to make this Grade 2 Listed building accessible to all. Further information on their progress can be found on their website, and is updated regularly:

You can contact for specific access questions or requests.

Partisan is located across 2 floors of a 3-story building. The basement has 11 steps from street level, without a handrail. The first floor has 22 steps from street level, with a handrail. There are 40 steps between the two floors. All toilets are gender-neutral and are located on both levels of the venue. On the first floor, these are single contained stalls. In the basement, there are stalls and urinals.

Seating is available on each floor at all events. For performances, a seated viewing area will be available.

Assistance dogs are allowed at all times. Other well behaved dogs are usually welcome, with the exception of in performance rooms of loud music events. If you have a dog allergy/phobia let us know – we’ll do what we can.

For ticketed events, paying disabled people are eligible to a free additional ticket for a PA to accompany them.

Partisan aims to be a safer space. As such, harmful and discriminatory behaviour is not tolerated. As a cooperative, Partisan is democratically owned by its members, and is shaped by everybody through what we say and what we do. If you are challenged or feel threatened, speak to someone wearing a Partisan badge; they are there to help.”


“A quiet room is available on the first floor at this event for those wanting to take a break for a while.”

  • On printed material, please state that Partisan is not yet wheelchair accessible as a minimum with a link to our website:

Resources and advice:

Attitude is everything has a great guide for improving deaf and disabled people’s access to live music. It is also useful for people organising non-musical events. Read the guide here:

When creating promotional material, keep in mind that large fonts, text that contrasts with the background, not having images behind text, and sans serif fonts will make it more accessible to read.

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