Updated – 13.01.2021 

Partisan Collective has recently joined the Islington Mill community and moved to a unit in the Regents Trading Estate in Salford. One of the main reasons why we decided to leave our former home in Cheetham Hill was the lack of progress we had made in making the listed building accessible, our statement from October outlines the reasons why we moved in more detail. We are currently working with our architect to make our new home fully accessible and have plans to install an access ramp and other access works along with having a disability audit performed by Manchester Disabled People’s Access Group and will post further updates soon.

Partisan aims to be inclusive and fully accessible to our community. We are committed to transparency around our current access issues and the work we are doing to remedy them. We want to be clear and accurate because we believe this is the best way to provide opportunities for our community to be involved in shaping Partisan.


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