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Social Strike: The Game

21st January 2018 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Join Plan C MCR for a lighthearted afternoon of fun with a revolutionary twist. Come join us playing Social Strike the game and discussing the ideas around it.

* * * What is Social Strike the Game? * * *

Ever wished that society worked differently?
Ever yearned to bring your city to a grinding halt?
Ever wanted to laugh and joke with your friends as you plot the downfall of capitalism?

Work together to:

disrupt the humdrum wage slavery of city life
deal with crises, defend our communities, and support alternative infratructure
coordinate to develop a social means of revolution
smash capitalism before it smashes you

An incremental, team-based strategy game that’s fun for all the comrades.

* * * Wait… So what actually is a ‘social strike’? * * *

The word ‘strike’ is familiar. The collective withdrawal of labour in order to disrupt business as usual.

However, the word strike is also applied to other forms of disruption that don’t involve the withdrawal of labour. We talk about ‘rent strikes’, for instance, or ‘debt strikes’. When we talk of ‘social strikes’ we have this expanded conception of a strike in mind.

The most straightforward idea of a social strike is a strike that takes place across the whole society, not just the workplace.

In 2018, the power of the workers in solidarity does not strike fear into the ‘heart’ of industry.
Over the last decades the break-up of the mass workplaces, like factories, and the dissolution of the relatively coherent communities that formed around them, has made it far more difficult to organise en mass. The power of the strike is reduced.

The ‘social’ in ‘social strike’ refers to two things.
The previously mentioned need to develop forms of action that disrupt business as usual, ie the operation of capital, across the whole of the society: rent strikes or debt strikes, blockades or occupations, etc.
Because of our highly individualised lives, these forms of action need to produce or find the kinds of collectivities, social but antagonistic to capital, that could almost be presupposed in the classic days of the workplace strike. In other words, we need to find ways to ‘socialise’ our strikes.

We want to promote the idea of the social strike now, not to claim that everything we are talking about is absolutely new but to claim that there have been changes in the way we work and live that give the ‘social’ aspect of the strike a new prominence.

Perhaps this will require mobilising wider social forces in solidarity with those at the sharp end of a struggle. Perhaps it will involve finding ways to redirect the effects of action so it disrupts the needs of management and capital rather than the needs of wider society. Perhaps it will involve building social infrastructure, and solidarity economies, that can form the basis for large scale, sustainable solidarity.
It’s down to the ingenuity and creativity of the proletariat, its down the capacity of people to work together to keep everyone cared for. It’s down to you and your comrades.

Plan C has been working on the idea of the social strike for a while now, if you want to do some reading beforehand check out this article: https://www.weareplanc.org/blog/the-social-strike-game/

If you want to see how the game works (caution, spoilers ahead!):


21st January 2018
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Plan C


Partisan First Floor
19 Cheetham Hill Road
Manchester, M4 4FY United Kingdom
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