Using Partisan for events

I’d like to book space in Partisan, how do I do this?
Fill in our booking enquiries form. Remember to check our calendar to see our current availability. Please note we have now allocated all our Temporary Event Notices for 2018 so cannot host any events with live music or alcohol, but do get in touch with us for 2019.


How do I become a member?

What level of membership should I buy?
All levels of membership (with the exception of our organisational membership) come with the same rights and perks. Our system is based on trust – please choose the level you feel you can afford.

I can’t afford a membership.
We give free memberships to those who can’t afford them – primarily with unemployed people, refugees and asylum seekers, unpaid carers, and disabled people in mind. Again, this system is based on trust, so please pay if you can. Otherwise, please email info@partisancollective.net (we do not ask for proof), and we will set you up with a 6 month free membership, which can be renewed.

I can’t set up a Direct Debit – how else can I pay?

How do I cancel my membership?

I’ve lost my membership card
Contact us and we will replace it for an admin fee of £2.

I have another issue with my membership

Volunteering and getting involved with Partisan

How do I get involved? / How do I volunteer?
We’re always working on ways to make it easy for people to volunteer with us!

How do I put on an event?
If you’d like to put on an event as a part of Partisan – the best way is to join Slack, and join our #events channel to propose your idea, and find people to potentially collobrate with. If you’d like to put on an event as an outside group, please go via our booking enquiries form.

Visiting Partisan

Where is the best place to park?

What do I do if I’m new?

Can members come into the building at any time? When is it open?
Partisan is open to the public and members when the shop is open, and during events. The shop is currently 12-6pm on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (keep an eye on social media for any last minute changes).

Accessibility and Accountability

Why aren’t you wheelchair accessible?
Partisan’s aim was always to offer a wheelchair accessible venue in the city centre – where they are sadly sorely lacking. Back in 2016 when we were looking for a venue, we could not find a fit-for-purpose space within our budget, so took the decision to move into an inaccessible space, with the objective to make it wheelchair accessible as soon as possible. This process is taking much longer than we anticipated for a variety of reasons, but we are getting closer. We do not consider our transformation into a more accessible space as a fringe issue, it is our central goal which we organise around.

You can find out more  detailed information about this on our Accessibility page.


Can I interview you for my research/student project/article?
Partisan is primarily ran by an overstretched team of volunteers, and we get a lot interview and research requests. We’d love to help out, but we can only respond to these requests in specific circumstances.

Academic research
We have a Research Ethics Policy which you can read here.

Student Projects