Fat Out & How to Kill – All Dayer

Fat Out & How to Kill presents

UKAEA (Kult Ritual) / Yossarians / MOTHER / Thank / ??????? ????? / SISTER WIVES / Rebekah Reid – Violinist / Human Leather/ WATER

Fat Out and How to Kill Your Promotion have joined forces to bring a stellar lineup to Manchester’s co-operative arts & social space Partisan. Bands back to back between the two spaces, looks set to be a cracker.

Expect rituals, riffs and rowdy music all day long.


15:00 – 00:00


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UKAEA is a mysterious, multi-disciplinary collective of performers, who attempt to recreate a ritual framework from disparate, unconnected scraps of the past, as perceived after some kind of event horizon or year zero. Previous rituals have been said to involve naked people dripping in paint, occult-looking headresses, a violin, a djembe, generative software, modular synths, percussion, pedal boards, peculiar visual projections, chanting, reactive lighting, etc. The music is a mix of polyrhythmic, mesmeric percussion, and feverish levels of hypnotic, mind-altering noise.

After a year of obscurity (learning how to be French), the YOSSARIANS are back on the radar playing shows and releasing songs. Fresh from the solitude of a Parisian summer, to bring the snarl, harmony, smile and mostly fears of our beloved Laura Dern. Like the lost noise of a tree screaming as a dog pisses up its trunk, you will need special hearing apparatus to be part of this. Interview in The Quietus here.

Entertaining audiences from scenic enclaves in Portmeirion to lo-fi gigs at Salford’s Bunker and house parties in Longsight, the Internet-search-engine-proof quartet Mother are as partial to bare skin and stage props as they are to crafting elegant soundscapes. Their music entwines indie, shoegaze and folk sensibilities while welcoming psychedelic Sun Ra tendencies, adopting an inventive approach to song structures and flows.

Maximalist no wave with the sass turned up to 69. Thank is a horrid band from Leeds’ autonomous collective/venue/practice space, CHUNK. Their debut EP ‘Sexghost Hellscape’ was released in late 2017, and owes as much to the Butthole Surfers as it does LCD Soundsystem, and as much to the Contortions as it does Death Grips. Since then the band has taken its particular brand of doom-disco-scree to squats in the French countryside, the main stage at Wrong Festival, and probably your dad’s house.

Penance Stare is the current project of Esmé Louise Newman, previously known for her work in Etai Keshiki, Sissy Hex, Commiserations, Melting and others. Using thick guitar fuzz, pounding drum machine, haunted synths and blurred out vocals, PS draws together influences from black metal and darkwave, as well as ambient, shoegaze. witch house and beyond, taking an all-encompassing approach to the dark and atmospheric.
FFO – Velvet Cacoon, Lycia, Candelabrum,

From the highest valley and the smooth seas they rise, unified in their mission as Sister Wives. Dark hypnosis rumbles under cavernous melodies, fresh welsh, kraut, synth-psyche from the steel city.

Rebekah is a concert violinist specialising in classical and jazz repertoire and improvisation. Reid performs regularly as a classical soloist, chamber and orchestral musician in the UK and abroad. She has played in a number of British and European orchestras, with concerts in prestigious venues such as the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Buckingham Palace and Suntory Hall in Japan.

Human Leather: Two-piece fury, somewhere between noise rock and sludge punk. Drum and bass destruction that has drawn comparison to Big Business and Lightning Bolt.
Chaotic loudness.

Water penetrates rock. Water is life and kills with ease.
Enter the ritual; Hear the waves crashing down as you’re dragged into the undertow of bass beneath, hear the voices wail; the siren and the amazonian warriors await you. Let your instinct be your guide. Swim with them; at your peril.
Water are a heady mix of artists, poets and musicians who’ve come together to create encounters which engulf the senses. Water have left audiences with a feeling of being part of something magical, intense and sometimes bewildering, but always powerful.

Come along, get involved.

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