Get Involved

There lots of ways that you can get involved with Partisan! As a workers’ cooperative and collective, Partisan is shaped and run by our members and volunteers.

Become a Member

The first step you can take to support Partisan is to become a member of the collective. See the membership page on how and why to do this – and what you’ll get in return.

Join a Team

Member-led teams each concentrate on one particular aspect of running Partisan. You can find out what our different teams are and how to join them here.

Volunteer Shifts

We also have volunteer shifts that you can sign up for, to do specific tasks, such as working the bar or door on events, taking part in work days, and other bits ‘n’ bobs. See how to sign up as a volunteer here.

Joining the Co-Op

The co-op is a smaller group of people within the collective who meet regularly to look after the co-ordination, finances, licences and general day-to-day running of Partisan. To join the co-op, you should be involved with the collective for at least 3 months, doing an average of 4 hours work a week. Other than showing ongoing commitment to the project, anyone is welcome to join. After the 3 months, you can express your interest in joining to an existing co-op member at any time. Learn more about the co-op here.