Fundraising Coordinator

Fundraising Job Specification 

Job title: Fundraising Coordinator
Deadline for applications: 12th January 2020
Interviews: January 2020
Pay: £450pcm (45 hours pcm at £10 per hour)
Start Date: February 2020 


About Partisan 

Partisan is a co-operatively owned and volunteer-run space for independent, community led, DIY and cultural projects. We have two floors for events, meetings, office space, live music, club nights, and art. 

We have a fundamental commitment to supporting and actively championing social justice causes, and we do this primarily by providing free meeting space for activist and community groups, using money raised from licensable music events. 

Partisan is a collective presently made up of around 1000 members. Within the collective, we also have a smaller group, the co-operative, which all the coordinators are automatically part of alongside a group of dedicated volunteers. The co-operative is responsible for Partisan’s legal and business affairs, ensuring that we remain open and are run effectively. The work of the co-operative is essential to empowering the collective and making sure we have a properly functioning organisation. Coordinators put in the background work to enforce the decisions made by the collective and to keep the organisation alive and functioning. 

About the position 

Partisan’s eventual aim is to become financially self-sustaining and although we’re able to cover our day-to-day running costs, there are many improvements we need to make to become a fully accessible space. The fundraising role is central to enabling us to secure outside funding in order to meet these goals. 

The successful candidate will need to build on work that has already been done by the previous fundraising coordinator to develop an overall strategy to guide our fundraising work. They will be expected to both pro-actively apply for bids, develop and oversee the documentation of our community activity, and coordinate the collective’s fundraising team. 

Key Responsibilities 

  • Devise and implement fundraising strategy 
  • Develop a way of documenting and framing the community work we do in Partisan into fundable projects suitable for a variety of different funding organisations. This will often take the form of compartmentalising our work into distinct projects with measurable outcomes that can be easily expressed in bid form. 
  • Devise a strategy for recording data about who is using Partisan so that this information can be used to help support our applications. Ensure that this data gathering process becomes part of Partisan’s culture. 
  • Creating and acting on a strategy to acquire capital grants funding for Partisan’s planned building and accessibility works. 
  • Writing and submitting funding bids 
  • Writing and submitting funding bids – both for our ordinary processes and for capital works – are the main objective of the role. It is expected that applications will be regularly submitted once an overall strategy has been put in to place. 
  • Partisan recognises that in some cases funding bids may be better created or facilitated by our members or external parties. Developing and managing a network of bid designers will be vital to the role.  
  • Documenting our culture and work 
  • Partisan recognises that in order to continue gaining access to funds we must document how those funds are spent and the positive impact on our space and users. Feeding back to donors and celebrating how funds are used and facilitate our mission is important.  
  • Finding appropriate funding sources 
  • Using online resources alongside networking and word of mouth to discover new funding bids to apply for and assessing them for suitability before documenting them. 
  • Coordinating the Fundraising team  
  • Organising meetings and helping new members to take part. 
  • Where appropriate, delegating bids to individual members.  
  • Chasing up bid applications and ensuring that deadlines are met. 
  • Monitoring and proofreading bids written by the team. 
  • Leading on any future crowdfunding campaigns 
  • Coordinating crowdfunding campaigns to ensure they are as successful as possible. 
  • Working in a collective spirit true to Partisan’s values 
  • Communicate respectfully. 
  • Empower others, including active delegation of tasks and skill-sharing where need be. 
  • Be understanding of the need to be held accountable for your work, and to hold others accountable for their work, in a spirit of mutual support towards a shared goal of collective empowerment. 
  • Take the initiative with matters of shared responsibility, as part of a wider organisational culture of shared responsibility for the organisation. 
  • Shared responsibility for the building and organisation 
  • With the other coordinators (and members of the wider collective), share in the responsibilities of: 
  • Opening and securing/locking the building throughout the week. 
  • Representing Partisan with your presence in the building. 
  • Ensuring that external parties using the space while you are present use the space responsibly and clear up after themselves. 
  • Maintenance, caretaking and general cleanliness. 
  • Responding to general email enquiries. 


Experience & Skills 


  • 1+ year of experience working in fundraising or bid writing for professional and/or personal projects. 
  • Track record of successful funding bids. 
  • A high standard of written expression and the ability to write in different styles depending on the demands of the bid. 
  • Good computer skills and proficiency on online office software like Google docs. 
  • Good time organisation. 
  • Experience working in a team. 
  • A desire to work in and help develop a non-hierarchical co-operative where democratic participation and community engagement are encouraged, on the basis of principles of respect, equality and social justice. 


  • Experience of working in collectives/co-operatives/non-hierarchical groups  
  • Experience managing people. 


How to Apply  

Send a CV and covering letter (less than 750 words) to:  


Diversity statement 

Partisan Collective strives to operate a policy of equal opportunity and not discriminate against any person. We are committed to ensuring that the diversity of our workforce reflects that of the wider community. We endeavour to support applicants throughout the hiring procedure, and to provide an inclusive, safe and supportive work environment for the successful candidate. Please contact us via to let us know what we can do to assist with and accommodate any access requirements you have, or with any questions you’d like to ask about the role and hiring process. 

We particularly encourage applications from candidates who are working class, without a university degree, and people of colour, as these groups are currently under-represented within the central structure of our organisation.  

Partisan Collective encourages applications from disabled candidates.  

We will offer an interview to any disabled applicants (as defined by the government’s Equality Act: who meets our minimum requirements for the role (see ‘Required’ under Personal Specification). There is a checkbox on our application page for this option. This data will not be stored for the rest of the application process. We will accept applications in alternative formats (e.g. postal, or video) for disabled applicants. We will also make reasonable adjustments to improve access to interviews and job roles wherever possible. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact us at any time on 

More Info About Partisan

Partisan is an organisation in transition. Whilst our members and staff try to improve the site and working conditions for everyone, there are some things worth considering before deciding to move forward with your application:

Staff members are expected to work some evenings, weekend, and other unsociable hours in order to attend co-op (+ other) meetings. Meetings take place every other Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm. In addition you will be expected to occasionally have locking up responsibilities and be a keyholder, staying as late as 9pm once a week.

Although we have indicated that hours are flexible, there are limits to this and you will be sometimes expected to be in the building at certain times, e.g. for co-op meetings, locking up etc.

As a staff member you may not always have access to a dedicated laptop/PC when working on site. Communal laptops and PCs will be made partially available. Staff members do not always have a fixed desk or office space and you will expected to share at times with other staff members
Partisan office space is spread over two floors and travelling between floors via stairs to access filing cabinets, kitchen area, toilets etc will be a regular occurrence.
Partisan is a strong team of members, but we are not immune to risk and do have financial concerns as well as experiencing the struggles of working with an old, listed building and sustainability issues often found in similar organisations who use collective organising. We support each other through theses difficulties, but we also wish to be transparent about working conditions in order to allow future employees to make an informed decision.