Join the Partisan Co-op!

The Co-op is the main managing group of Partisan and is responsible for business strategy, policy development, finances, risk analysis and supporting Partisan’s staff.

Joining the Co-op is a similar role to being a trustee for a charity or sitting on a board and would give you the opportunity to help run an organisation and get valuable experience in democratic decision-making. You will become part of a growing grassroots organisation in Greater Manchester and get to spend time with like-minded peopleĀ  – with a vision for a better future for our community and beyond.

You will be fully inducted by the current Co-op members about Partisan’s history, its mission and how the Co-op works. You will learn what we are up to at the moment and what are our plans and objectives are for the future. The Co-op meets fortnightly on a Thursday evening, and some more informal touch-ins and project meetings might be required in-between. The role requires around 3 hours of your time per week.

One of the current responsibilities of the Co-op is evolving Partisan’s governance as we look to become a Multi-Stakeholder Cooperative. With that, the Co-op will change in the near future – as it becomes the Board of Partisan. All current Co-op members will be invited to join the board in the interim period before formal elections will be held.

About the application: Each submission will be assessed by a sub-group of the current Co-op. Applicants will remain anonymous and will be assessed by their statement and level of experience.

If you are interested in joining the Co-op then please complete this form. We will aim to get back to you within a week to let you know what the next steps are. We would also appreciate if you could complete this Equal Opportunities Form to help us meet the aims and the commitments of our equality and diversity policy.

You have to be a member of Partisan to be a member of the Co-op, if you’re not yet a member then you can sign up here.

If you have any questions then please get in touch –