Partisan BIPOC Fund

Partisan Collective is excited to announce the launch of the BIPOC Fund. The aim of the fund is to ensure that future events at Partisan are less white centered and provide a more inclusive environment that better reflects the diversity of the local community. The fund will also seek to provide funding for BIPOC creatives in an era where viable job and funding opportunities are more out of reach than ever. 

The fund emerged from the two meetings Partisan members held in July that were a response to long-standing concerns around the lack of diversity seen at Partisan events and within our membership. Although Partisan has always sought to be a space for everyone in Manchester, the fabric of our collective has always reflected the whiteness of the people who founded it. We aim now to progress from largely using the language of inclusivity to actually doing the legwork in reaching out and making Partisan a space where BIPOC members would want to get involved. 

The fund will provide rolling commissioned opportunities for BIPOC artists, musicians, DJs, facilitators & community projects. The management of the fund will be overseen by the BIPOC group of Partisan members who will be supported by Partisan staff and working groups. The fund is being launched on the 26th September with the inaugural Partisan Day Festival, a free online event showcasing the immense and varied talents of Partisan members and friends of the space. We hope for this event to be a marker of work towards a space that is stronger and serves the Manchester community better. We will be encouraging people to donate to the fund throughout the event. 

Here’s a shared statement from the BIPOC group of members. 

“We’re really happy that we’ve been able to work collaboratively with other collective members to launch this fund. Now, more than ever, it is important to support and showcase BIPOC artists across Manchester. We hope that this event and subsequent fund will help platform local, BIPOC artists and encourage new involvement from BIPOC members within Partisan.”

If you would like to get involved with the Partisan BIPOC group or have any questions or feedback then get in touch at – 


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