Partisan DJ Club

DJ Club is a new team of Partisan volunteers who organise regular sessions for our members to come to the space and use the Partisan decks to mix for free. Any Partisan member can join and the more people who volunteer and help run the team, the more sessions we can put on! We’re currently in the process of establishing the team before we start putting on open sessions, if you’d like to join then please complete the sign up form below and we’ll be in touch to let you know when the first sessions take place.

The equipment the club uses are a Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer and CDJ2000’s. We’re hoping to introduce decks at a later stage but it’ll just be CDJs for the time being whilst we find our feet.

The aim is for the club to run most weekends but it’ll take us a few weeks to get up and running so if you sign up and don’t get a chance to mix straight away then please bear with us whilst we build up capacity! The more volunteers who sign up, the more sessions we can run.