Partisan DJ Club

DJ Club is a new team of Partisan volunteers who organise regular sessions for our members to come to the space and use the Partisan decks to mix for free. Any Partisan member can join and the more people who volunteer and help run the team, the more sessions we can put on!

To get involved, please make yourself known in the Partisan Slack group and someone will add you to the djclub channel, where all communications are based. Dates are provided and then you can indicate your availability. We run sessions on weekends and occasionally during the week.

We are open to all levels of abilities and especially encourage people who are new to djing, as there are many people eager to help others get into it! Look out on socials for some dedicated beginner’s sessions as well.

The equipment the club uses are a Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer and CDJ2000’s. We’re hoping to introduce decks at a later stage but it’ll just be CDJs for the time being whilst we find our feet.