Partisan has moved to Salford

We are happy to announce Partisan Collective’s move to Salford – we are becoming part of the amazing Islington Mill community. We are really excited about the opportunity to grow as an organisation alongside Islington Mill and look forward to working with them to bring some fantastic events and projects to our members and to Salford. Islington Mill has an excellent reputation as an artists’ hub and they share our interests and common values – we can’t wait to start working together! 

We are optimistic that this move will help Partisan become more sustainably run and better placed to reflect the needs and ambitions of our staff, volunteers and members. Although we made many happy memories at our former Cheetham Hill home, it was always an uphill struggle to operate in such a challenging space. We look forward to building a solid working relationship with Islington Mill and the other organisations that call it home.

We reiterate our previous declaration that accessibility is to be an absolute priority going forward and will provide regular updates. The unit we are initially renting from Islington Mill is not yet accessible as there is one step at the entrance. However, we are hoping to install a ramp soon to ensure access. We are also looking to construct a Changing Spaces Toilet at some point next year, yet this depends on funding. Information regarding access, transport and how to plan your visit will be announced before we reopen. 

We are now beginning the process of exploring opportunities for future collaboration amongst our new neighbours in Salford and wish to establish strong links with arts, activist and community groups in the area. If you would like to help us with this task, then drop our Community Outreach team an email –

Partisan is currently having big conversations around how we can make our space more inclusive, democratic and better run. If you would like to become a member and get involved, just drop us an email –  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the incredible people who have brought Partisan to where we are today. Partisan wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for all the staff, volunteers and members who have shaped and driven it forward these last few years. This is the beginning of a whole new chapter for Partisan, our dedicated members & staff have steered us through a difficult past eight months, and we are so excited to get settled into our new home. Finally, a huge shout out to all the volunteers who’ve taken time to help since we started the moving process, thank you!



Read what Islington Mill have to say about the move here.