Partisan Tool Library

What is it?

Partisan Tool Library is about bringing members together to share knowledge, learn new skills and foster a DIY attitude. We aim to open later this year with a catalogue of donated and repurposed tools that provide accessible access to everyone.  Our space will be a welcoming environment where people can learn to work with their hands and create a sustainable model of lending

How will it work?

We aim for the tool library to work just like a normal library! Partisan members will have free use of items in the catalogue which they will be able to lend for the week. The library will be run by volunteers and tools will be collected and returned at our space in Salford.

For this to work we need tools and volunteers!

If you have any unused tools or a bit of spare time then please get in touch at

You don’t need any experience to get involved!

Partisan tool library with images of tools in the background, with the caption 'borrow, don't buy'