POW #1: Accessibility and Childcare

This is the accessibility and childcare information for our POW! #1 event – which you can find more details of by following this link.

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Partisan aims to be inclusive and accessible to our community. We know this is a beautiful dream and also that we’re nowhere near it yet. For example, we will unfortunately not be wheelchair accessible for our opening weekend as we haven’t managed to do the necessary access adaptations yet. Sorry about this.

It’s a core part of the project to be really open about our access and inclusive of lots of different kinds of needs. To get this process going there will be an open discussion on “What would make this space accessible and how can we achieve it?” on Saturday 29th at 11am, in the basement.

If you are unable to attend for any reason but want to input into this workshop please let us know. We’ll be releasing some questions: you could send in answers to but feel free to ignore them and send us something else. There may also be the ability to Skype into the discussion, we will post details of this if we can make it happen. Details will all be posted on the Facebook event.

We want to be open and honest and as accurate as possible about our accessibility because we believe this is the best way to include the most amount of people.

Below are the accessibility arrangements for the opening weekend:

  • Partisan is over two floors of a large building and both floors have a large open central area with high ceilings. The floors have furniture around the edges and are clear in the middle but stuff might get moved around.
  • Alcohol will be present on both floors but both floors will also have a quieter, comfy, non-alcohol room that we ask people to respect and not enter if they’re really drunk.
  • Physical/wheelchair access is currently very limited for both floors; details and videos of doorways and staircases can be provided.
  • Assistance dogs are welcome throughout the venue.
  • We don’t expect either floor to get particularly hot or cold over this event. Both floors are likely to be busy and full of people you don’t know but there will be room to move around.
  • Staircases are likely to get busy in the evenings but there are ways to help you with this if needed.
  • Prices at the bar will be lower than other clubs and the entrance fee is on a sliding scale based on income.
  • Please ask for details about food as it’s not finalised yet.


Seedlings Childcare Collective will be running childcare between 11-5 Saturday 29th and 12-6 Sunday 30th. This is a new Manchester-based group aiming to provide childcare and catering to children aged 3 years and above in self-organised spaces, political spaces, or during protests and at political events in Manchester.

This is for children aged 3 and over. Parents should stay on site at all times their children are in the space. There will be food and snacks for a suggested donation. There will be a registration form. The childcare collective will be able to speak to children in Greek, French, German and Turkish that weekend.

And Finally..

We will have a large amount of volunteers briefed on accessibility issues and how to help people if needed, they will all be wearing a large partisan badge. Please ask us before or during the event if you need anything.

If you need information that isn’t detailed above drop us a message and we’ll try to get it for you! info@partisancollective.net | Twitter: @PartisanCollect Facebook

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