POW! #1 Programme Details

This is the programme info for The first Partisan Open Weekend! For more information, schedules, and updates see the event page or Facebook. You can buy advance tickets here.

Accessibility and Childcare information | Safer SpacesSign up to volunteer | Listen to our POW! preview podcast

We now have a printable timetable and programme – grab the PDF here!

Community Fair

Stalls from the following: Global Justice Now, Keep Our NHS Public, Manchester No Prisons, Pen Fight Distro selling zines and DIY art, Plan C, Platt Fields Bike Hub, art from Poor Pals ClubSalford Zine Library with a pop-up zine library, Street Edge, Unite Social Action Branch + more.

Workshops & Activities

Accessibility Workshop facilitated by Hannah Ross (@harnthal), a local artist and activist who has worked with Venture Arts, Future Fires and Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People. This will be a big open discussion about the many ways we can become more accessible to our community. Part of this will be telling you our plans to make us wheelchair accessible, and there will be a chance to join our accessibility team too.

Please see our full accessibility info for this event here. If you would like to attend and have any accessibility requirements you’d like to make us aware of get in touch and we’ll do our very very best to meet them. If you cannot attend but would like to contribute ideas to the workshop send us a message! Email: info@partisancollective.net | Twitter: @PartisanCollect | Facebook

Accountability Workshop – We’ll be exploring accountability together as a group. What does it mean to us, what creates a safer space, and what will this look like as we create a community here at Partisan? We need to ensure partisan is a welcoming and supportive space for all. Let’s discuss what this means and what to do to make it happen. You can join the accountability team, too.

A Woman’s Place is in The Home Raised By Feminists are an art collective celebrating feminist history and raising awareness about women’s issues. They will be running a crafting workshop focusing on art historically made by women in their own homes.

Beginners’ Iyengar Yoga with local teacher Rachel Preston. Yoga is a way of balancing the body and mind. Using props and modifications of postures, Iyengar Yoga is accessible to every one!  padyoga.wordpress.com

Co-operative Games big, active games for adults and kids where you have to work together to win. And sometimes you might have to cheat.

Practical Squatting Workshop an introduction to the law and practice of squatting. From people involved in Manchester’s squatting scene.

Queen Bee Present… Female-led DJ Workshop led by Lucy from Meat Free and Euphonique, who teach at Manchester Midi School. Aimed at total beginners – come along and have a go! Covering CDJs, vinyl and digital platforms, bring some tunes along if you fancy – Facebook event

Voguing Workshop with House of Ghetto house mother and award-winning dancer and choreographer Darren Pritchard.


Powder Keg performing Morale is High (Since We Gave Up Hope), a theatre-meets-gig perfomance that smashes pop and politics in some space age futuristic Hadron Collider, to create an ongoing evaluation of our political climate.

Young Identity perfomances by the Manchester-based poetry collective. Expect lyrical whit, on the pulse social commentary and some of the most articulate voices the city has to offer.


Art House / Arthouse is a monthly Manchester party, held in the intimate and cosy confines of the Deaf Institute Basement. Like a house party with DJs from all over the world. They’ll be bringing us a variety of music, including dub, funk, soul, disco, house and techno

Bad Body / Side project from members of Blecthley’s world renowned noise rock unit, Action Beat, Bad Body play a distinct blend of spoken word passages embedded in light-swallowing electronics, dark drones and static blasts. Suitably weird. badbody.bandcamp.com

Bloody Head / Mutant offshoot tentacle from Nottingham’s Moloch and Endless Grinning Skulls fed almost exclusively on a diet of Flipper and Brainbombs. Bloody Head sum themselves up as: “a feral dirge of half forgotten bedsit cock rock and Californian hardcore, while the weird guy with a degree in philosophy who’s meant to be cleaning the bogs goes full on existential Rambo over the top of it all.”   bloodyhead.bandcamp.com

Cheap Date / Affordable disco and low cost house.

Heads Up / Heads Up has been throwing parties in Manchester since 2013. Their ethos has always been about putting on parties where they can play a wide range of music, mainly on a soulful tip but occasionally going a little bit harder if the time is right. When bringing guests to Manchester; they’re always looking for selectors who can challenge a dancefloor, playing across genres and eras.

ILL / A genre-evading band which believes in the power of disobedient noise. With a repertoire of precarious pop songs and… frequent improvised departures, ILL revel in the right to be weird, exploring the borders between the funny and the sinister, the personal and the political, the mundane and the surreal weareill.bandcamp.com

Ket Bush  / Is the DJ alter-ego from Emma from Manchester experimental promoters, Fat Out and live music/performance group, Water. Expect nothing less than banging floor fillers and NO REMIXES!

LIINES /  Manchester-based post-punk three piece who’ve released three hotly received singles whilst building a reputation as one of the most exciting acts to emerge from Manchester playing frenetic, electric shows across the UK and Europe. Comparisons range from Sleater Kinney to Joy Division to Savages. soundcloud.com/weareliines

Mark Charlesworth  / Manchester singer-songwriter who writes all his material in transit on trains and buses on the hunt for great art and researching new ideas. Having experimented with a series of EPs along the way, he is currently working on his first album. https://cityscape-uk.bandcamp.com/

Nick Kagame / Manchester based DJ, and creator of the newly-hatched Dust Off. He’ll be bringing the party a range of classic techno and house sounds, disco, uk garage and more to the dance floor. mixcloud.com/kagame

Scrap Brain / Prior to forming for First Timers 2016 at DIY Space for London, the members of Scrap Brain were just four people who either never played in a band before or never did what they do now on stage. Since then, they’ve performed their brand of Unhappy Hardcore at gigs alongside Trash Kit, Generacion Suidica, Uranium Club and Woolf. Frentic, chaotic and above all, thrilling. This is their first Manchester gig. scrapbrainhc.bandcamp.com

She Choir Manchester / A non-auditioned free choir for anyone who identifies as a woman/genderqueer over the age of 18. Based in Manchester City Centre they rehearse every Wednesday and perform self-arranged songs, some you might have heard of, some you might not have.  shechoir.com

Solution Hours / Making their first visit to Manchester, this London two-piece comprises of Andrew Northrop from Joey Fourr and Coughin’s Charlotte Heather. Their sound occupies the space between the stripped back nature of lo-fi/slowcore bands such as Duster and Slint and the familiar echo of bands such as Death Cab for Cutie and Mineral. The usual thinness of two-pieces is countered by a unique use of ambience and drones, pulling you into an active space. solutionhours.bandcamp.com

Water / A six-piece that formed in Manchester in March 2015. Made up of a heady mix of artists, poets and musicians, they’ve come together to create encounters which engulf the senses. Water have left audiences with a feeling of being part of something magical, intense and sometimes bewildering, but always powerful. Enter the ritual; Hear the waves crashing down as you’re dragged into the undertow of bass beneath, hear the voices wail; the siren and the amazonian warriors await you. Let your instinct be your guide. Swim with them; at your peril.  soundcloud.com/water-22

Talks & Discussions

Grow Your Own / Hosted by Manchester and Trafford Momentum. A discussion on what went well in spring, how we can develop a vibrant cultural atmosphere which intersects with radical socialist politics, and how we can see The Labour Party to power next time round. DIY culture is gaining a new lease of life, how has this happened and how it can it be harnessed to build the kind of society we want to see?

With David Wilkinson (MMU, author of Post-Punk, Politics and Pleasure), Sarah Weston (Manchester Momentum Secretary and Salford Community Theatre co-founder) plus others TBA – Facebook event

Housing Manchester: Crisis as Opportunity / Panel discussion with Adam Prince (Manchester Shield), Kate Hardy (Partisan), Siobhan Donnachie (GMHA), chaired by Isaac Rose (GMHA), and Daisy May Hudson (director of “Halfway”).

Manchester: A home for everyone? In her role as Associate Director at CLES, Jenny Rouse has been bringing together a group of people with diverse lived experience.

Manchester has some of the highest levels of disadvantage, health inequalities and homelessness in the country. For many people, the city offers very little of the security and comforts needed to justify the label ‘home’.  Given the systemic issues that lead to Manchester’s inequalities, what can people who care actually do about it? …And what does this mean for Partisan? The answer: don’t ever, ever assume that you know the answer!

Trade Trouble: we’ve lost control / Join Global Justice Now Director Nick Dearden and local activist Laura Williams for a discussion about corporate power, democracy and activism.

Liam Fox cosying up Trump, talk of Empire 2.0 in Africa and a toxic trade bill to hit parliament this autumn; in post-Brexit UK trade is being billed as our saviour. But ‘free trade’ isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. As well threatening workers’ rights, environmental protections and food safety standards, the UK government is negotiating behind closed doors and preventing the public or parliament from any control over the process. We’ve already rejected TTIP and we are not going to let these deals pass without a fight. – Facebook event


Greater Manchester Housing Action / screening of “Halfway” by Daisy May Hudson – Facebook Event

Documenting a family as they go through the emotional and physical anguish of becoming homeless and living ‘halfway’ between homes. Daisy Hudson’s day to day filming of her family’s fight to retain their dignity as they wait for a new home from the council will give an audience a rare and direct insight into the struggles of homelessness and social housing. An honest, often humorous and moving first hand testimony – view the trailer


Saturday from 11pm till late, at The White Hotel (a 10min walk away from Partisan).
Tickets: £5 for Partisan members/POW attendees & £10 general public.

Hosted by Manchester’s beloved Meat Free, a night of house, techno, electro and glitch. aalice will be treating us to a solo set, Lucy Ironmonger will be going b2b with Kortzer. Native / Joe Beedles will be bringing us his unique, glitchy, audio/visual show. With support from the queens Bolt and Sansa Snark. – Facebook event

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