POW! #1: Safer Space

This is a text version of the poster which will be hung during our POW! #1 event – which you can find full details of here.

Partisan aims to be a safer space.

This poster is our first step towards that. In a safe space, all feel welcome and all lives and experiences are acknowledged, so that everyone can enjoy
themselves. Harmful and discriminatory behaviour is not tolerated.
Partisan is shaped by everybody together through what we say and what we do. In a safe space, you take ownership of your words and actions and you are mindful of their effects in each different situation.
We will support you if you choose to challenge people yourself. You can also come and talk to someone with a Partisan badge and we will listen to you and can ask people to leave.
If you are challenged, try to avoid being defensive. We’re all trying to better the space for everyone. The next step towards this aim is going beyond this poster to create an accountability agreement and policy. Please join the workshop on Sunday at 4pm in the basement and follow us online if you want to be a part of this process.
If you’re unsure of what we’re asking of you come and talk to someone wearing a Partisan badge and we will try to help. Thank you!
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