Partisan Bar Voucher – £10




Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Partisan is closed and will remain so for the foreseeable future. This is an uncertain time for us. We are facing a huge loss of income as we cannot run events and we need to generate support during our closure.

Like many independent, non-profit organisations, while seeking the support of the government we are also looking to our amazing members and friends to help us — so we can reopen and welcome you all back with a hug! As a way for you to get something from your donation Partisan are releasing BAR TAB VOUCHERS! Anticipating the eventual reopening of our amazing space and the parties that will ensue.. we are offering you the chance to get your drinks in now by making a donation through purchasing a bar tab. This valuable donation will help us with our costs while our physical space is closed.

You’ll get the amount back that you pledge in the shape of bar credit that can be redeemed at any of our future events. It will be redeemable on a one-use basis, meaning if you purchase a £10 bar voucher you will need to spend it all at once. Same goes for £20, same for £50. So make sure you’ve got loads of friends with you to buy for if you spend £50!

Please note: you will need to provide ID that corresponds with the purchase to claim it.

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