A yellow round badge featuring black line art illustration of a RISO duplicator. Around the edges of the badge reads in black type Partisan RISO Club. In the background of the badge is a cropped image of Grace Jones RISO printed portrait. There's the Partisan logo in the bottom right corner.

RISO Club is a new team of Partisan volunteers. We organise regular sessions for our members to come to the space and use the Partisan RISO at donation cost. Any Partisan member can join and the more people who help the more sessions we can put on! Check the events calendar for RISO Socials followed by open Risograph sessions. If you’d like to join, please complete the sign up form below.

The equipment the club uses are a RISO EZ 570 single drum duplicator, 5 colour drums, a IDEAL guillotine, Rapid booklet stapler, and mini badge maker. We’re hoping to introduce more colour drums as we can secure funding!

Fill in the form below to join RISO Club.