Temporary Event Notices

Partisan is still in the process of applying for a full premise license. Until we do, we are currently using Temporary Event Notices (or ‘TENs’).

Temporary Event Notices are required for us to have events which have amplified music playing and to serve alcohol. We can currently run 20 TENs a year across 26 days. TEN days run till midnight, so events that go over midnight require two TENs.

Sadly, this means we’re very limited on the amount of gigs and club nights we can host. Part of Partisan’s long term plan is to gain a full license, in order to be able to offer space for far more. We get numerous booking requests which would require the use of a TEN but we cannot say yes to all. It is the job of our events team to decide how to allocate these limited TENs.

For 2022, we’re rationing our TENs to one weekend of events per month. To request on of these slots, please fill in our Licensable Events Proposals form with as much detail as possible about your event. Events that are run as Partisan fundraisers are favoured!

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