Co-op members

The co-op is a group of dedicated collective members who take care of the day-to-day running of Partisan, including office management, event coordination, finances and licensing issues. Most members of the co-op are volunteers, but it includes five paid part-time coordinators. Find out about our current co-cop members below.

Paid coordinators:

Sophie (she/her): I’m Partisan’s Venue and Licensed Events Coordinator, which means I work with our Events working group to curate music events in our basement space, although at the moment of course everything is online! As a member of the co-op, I’ve helped out with loads of different things — from organising members meetings to putting together funding bids. I initially got involved with Partisan through a friend; we went along to a new members meeting and I really loved the vision of this alternative space in Manchester. We initially got involved with the Community Outreach working group, and things went from there.

Rachael Gibbons (she/her): I am from Wythenshawe in South Manchester but currently living in sunny Whalley Range with our lovely cat Fred. I have been a member of Partisan for a couple of years and attended some great events over my time. My current role is Finance and Fundraising Coordinator, where I assist the Finance working group in raising money to keep our lovely space going.

Kati (she/her): I moved to Manchester, joined the co-op and started working at Partisan last June! I’m the Volunteer Coordinator, which mainly involves finding people to staff the bar at our events, but also guiding new members to join the teams that interest them and putting on Volunteer Open Days with lots of crafts and other fun stuff. My main interests within Partisan are accessibility, increasing marginalised members’ sense of ownership over Partisan — especially people of colour — and sustainable ways of working and volunteering. 

dandy (they/them): I’m the Finance and Accounts Coordinator for Partisan. I’ve been working at Partisan for just over a year now, and I do all the financial admin things behind the scenes. I love plants, co-ops, and growing veg.

Voluntary members:

Tracy (she/her/they/them): I live in Manchester and I’ve been a volunteer at Partisan since 2017. You’ll normally catch me at events helping out behind the bar or playing behind the decks. I also try and help out working groups whenever I can.

Teegs (they/them): I lived in Manchester for five years but now I’m based in Liverpool. My Partisan involvement started by volunteering at workdays and events, then I joined the Events working group, and then I was employed by Partisan on a freelance basis as an Events Coordinator. I have a special interest in live music events, our lgbtqi+ inclusivity, accessibility and governance. I love Partisan because of the way it brings people together and supports a wide range of social justice causes.

Shaun Pitt (he/him): I started as a volunteer at Partisan in Summer 2019 and became a member of the co-op in February 2020. I’ve always been interested in getting new members involved and helping to organise film screenings at Partisan, with the Screenings working group. I also occasionally help out at licensed events.

Rosa (she/her): I’ve been a Partisan member since before we found its current space in July 2017 and I’ve been a co-op member since March 2018. The biggest things I have done for Partisan have been writing our accountability agreement and organising co-op training. One of my favourite memories in the space is working with Sanaz from Unis Resist Border Controls to organise a free interfaith dinner and craft/games night for members of (Partisan office users) WAST and Safety4Sisters and their children in December 2018. I can be found at a lot of the music events in the space and am also one of the founders of on one of Partisan’s in-house collectives, All Hands on Deck, which is for women, non-binary and trans DJs.

Lisa (she/her): In 2012, I moved from Germany to Manchester and am currently based in a shared house in Old Trafford. I joined Partisan in September 2017 as a volunteer, mostly helping with cleaning chores and at events behind the bar. I also facilitate the Partisan risograph workshops. I joined the co-op in March 2020 where I mostly get stuck in with funding applications for Partisan. Since May 2020, together with Ciaran and Dave, I am part of Partisan’s directors’ board, and responsible for protecting and growing our project together with the collective and other co-op members.

Jack Decie (he/him): I live in Levenshulme, but I’m told it’s technically Burnage. I started out as an office user at Partisan but have been in the co-op since January 2019. My main roles are supporting the coordinators, particularly those involved in events; acting as a point of contact for visitors of the venue; and sorting employment contracts. I also do quite a bit of hoovering and washing up.

Issy (she/her): I became a Partisan member in October 2017 but didn’t really get involved until late 2018 when I started organising our first in-house queer night, Fatty Acid! I also help with community outreach — including the amazing Cheetham Festival group — screenings, some comms and most things queer (Fatty Acid, Partisan Pride and tbh our pop-night Friendzone). I joined the co-op in March 2020. Outside of Partisan, I work on making museums more useful for young people and I’ve just been trained up as part of Acorn Manchester’s Member Defence Team!

Imogen Clarke (she/her): I started volunteering at Partisan in Summer 2019, and I joined the co-op right before lockdown — which has been a strange time, but I’m glad to be helping out! I get involved with community outreach, screenings, and general admin bits and pieces as needed.

Finn (he/him): I’m originally from Edinburgh and currently live out Altrincham way. The first time I set foot in Partisan was for the Shanti Celeste/Chekhov/Microdosing night in May 2019. I immediately fell in love with the place, the ideas and the people — a home away from home. Joined the co-op in February 2020 and am most commonly found dancing behind the bar at events.

David Smith (he/him): I’ve been volunteering at Partisan since 2018 and joined the co-op in early 2020. My main volunteering duties at Partisan have historically involved helping out with events and finding uses for my small blue car. I live in Chorlton and since I started coming to Partisan I have forgotten how to dance stylishly and now simply jump around with great enthusiasm. Thanks Partisan!

Ciaran McCauley (he/him): I’ve been a co-op member for about four years. Mainly working on our lease, governance, landlord and general facilitation. Partisan is like a second home for me and I’m constantly amazed by what a brilliant community we’ve built. I’m also involved with Acorn, Labour and Momentum. In my spare time, I produce electronic music as RUMA.


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