UPCOMING: Partisan Access Fund Launch Event – June 20th

A graphic which reads "Partisan Access Fund", in the background there is an image of the building Partisan is based in.

We are extremely excited to announce the Partisan Access Fund’s inaugural launch event on Thursday 20th June 2019!

There will be ART

There will be RAFFLE

There will be GRUB

We feel honoured and moved to be able to announce that the relaxed evening will play host to the North West’s debut exhibition of the amazing diptychs – and some other specials – by artist and disability activist duo, Charlie Fitz and Oscar Vinter at Sick of Being Patient

‘Sick of Being Patient, are a series of solo and collaborative projects by artist and disability activist Charlie Fitz. The projects aim to resist and challenge the expectation that the ‘sick’ person be patient, passive and submissive to medical institutions and a society that is systematically falling the chronically ill and disabled.’

Their photography and words are beautiful, angry, elegant and funny, making them the perfect complement to Partisan’s much awaited Access Fund.

A2 framed and unframed prints of their diptych collaboration series will be on display and available to purchase, as well as a limited edition run of postcards printed in conjunction with the Partisan Access Fund.

Charlie and Oscar have incredibly kindly stated that ALL profits from the sale of their artwork can go to Partisan’s Access Fund, so we are extraordinarily grateful to them both!

Her fundraising campaign Chance 4 Charlie recently raised enough money for Charlie to have the vital, life-saving surgery she has needed but that isn’t available on the NHS. You can keep up to date with Charlie’s recovery as she sees fit to do so via her Twitter account @CharlieJLFitz

The Partisan Access Fund aims to raise money in order to make large scale adaptations to our Grade II Listed home so that we can finally become a wheelchair accessible space.

For more information regarding Partisan’s progress with this, please add the Partisan Access Fund on Facebook, or visit our page on our website.

If you have some fundraising ideas, raffle options, or would like to get involved in any way, please email [email protected]

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