User groups

Groups that have used or who currently use the Partisan space include:

  • Cities of Hope – A project that uses street art to raise awareness of social justice issues.
  • Greater Manchester Housing Action – A network of communities, charities and workers unions, aiming to develop solutions to Greater Manchester’s housing crisis.
  • Ladyfest Manchester – A collective aimed at promoting music and art created by women.
  • Manchester People’s Assembly – A movement that brings together a range of campaigns and unions to oppose austerity.
  • New Economy Organiser’s Network (NEON) – A network of activists working to build the strength of movements for social and economic justice.
  • Plan C – An organisation committed to finding the forms of collective activity needed to build a world beyond capitalism.
  • Another Europe is Possible – An organisation dedicated to defending the progressive elements of EU membership and fighting for democracy in the Brexit process.
  • MCR Radical Mental Health – A group aimed at providing information about radical approaches to mental health.
  • Manchester Punk Festival – A volunteer-run, multi-venue punk rock festival.
  • Global Justice Now – An organisation working to challenge the powerful and create a more just and equal world.
  • Steady State – A group that aims to achieve a Manchester that is economically, socially and ecologically viable.
  • Manchester Friends of Kurdistan – An activist and fundraising collective that stands in solidarity with the liberation struggle of the Kurdish people.
  • Manchester Film Co-op – A co-operative that organises regular non-commercial screenings of films that challenge current economic, social and political arrangements, and offer progressive alternatives.
  • Manchester Coalition of Disabled People – An organisation campaigning for the rights and full inclusion of disabled people in society.
  • Manchester No Prisons – A group that fights against the expansion of the Prison-Industrial Complex and for prison abolition.
  • Left Unity – A political party founded in opposition to austerity.
  • Dear Friend – A letter-writing project celebrating women in public life and struggles for liberation.
  • Now Then magazine for Manchester – A free arts, culture and politics magazine.
  • Safety4Sisters – An organisation that supports women who are experiencing gender-based violence and cannot access safe accommodation or welfare support due to immigration status.
  • Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST) – An organisation of women asylum seekers, raising awareness of issues that force women to seek international protection and the effects of the injustices of the UK immigration system.
  • Choice for Ireland Manchester – An organisation in support of the campaign for women’s reproductive rights in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  • Unis Resist Border Controls – A collective of students, lecturers and university workers opposed to UKVI surveillance and the hostile environment on UK campuses.
  • Keep Our NHS Public – An organisation campaigning for a publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable NHS.
  • Socialist Resistance – An ecosocialist, feminist and revolutionary organisation that calls for a radical left party.
  • Momentum – A campaigning network that aims to increase participation and engagement in the Labour party, enabling it to win elections and enter government.
  • Manchester Solidarity Federation – A working class organisation that seeks the abolition of capitalism and the state.
  • Girls That Gig – A platform that advocates for women in the creative industries.
  • Greater Manchester and District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament – An organisation that campaigns to rid the world of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.
  • Stone Flowers – A musical project aiming to support refugee/asylum seeker torture survivors.
  • Queer Your Mind – A series of poetry writing workshops for the queer community.
  • She Choir – A free, collaborative and unauditioned women’s choir.
  • Jam and Justice – A research project that aims to look at more inclusive ways to govern in our city-regions.
  • The Media Fund – A cooperative organisation created to raise money for independent media free from state or corporate control.
  • The Software Cooperative – A ‘computer-related services’ worker cooperative that benefits its members and the wider community in a sustainable and ethical manner.
  • Manchester Trades Union Council – An organisation that brings together trade union branches across Manchester.
  • Greater Manchester Law Centre – An organisation that aims to provide free legal advice and representation to all residents of the Greater Manchester area.
  • Unite Community Branch – The community branch of Unite the Union (UK and Ireland’s largest trade union), allowing those not in employment to become members.
  • Zine Club! – A space for people to make or collaborate on zines, work on an existing zine project or ask more seasoned zine-makers any practical questions.
  • GM UNISON – The Greater Manchester branch of UNISON, one of the UK’s largest trade unions.
  • Mossa Movement – A creative dance class designed for children with S.E.N and A.S.D.
  • The Clarion magazine – A socialist magazine by Labour and Momentum activists.

Artists that have exhibited at Partisan include:

If you are a group or individual that wants to use our space for a meeting or event then get in touch.

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