Volunteering Changes

Since Partisan’s reopening in Salford, we’ve been working hard as members, volunteers, and organisers to help put on a huge variety of fun, exciting, and engaging events – which has been going tremendously!

Despite the amazing roster of events so far, and the lovely people who have helped make them possible, we have had to adjust to a few changes in the process. Particularly, the move to a new, smaller space, and the financial viability of hosting events with a reduce capacity. Since we want to keep hosting as many wonderful events as we can, while still giving members the opportunity to get involved through volunteering at events, Partisan will be changing how volunteering at events will work. From New Years Eve onwards, we will be asking volunteers to pay the low-waged member prices to volunteer at events, while also ensuring that volunteering hours are kept flexible so as many people can be involved as possible. We are hoping that this change to our volunteering structure will help with the difficulties of moving into a new space, and allow us to continue putting on even more enticing events in 2022.

We do not want this change to be a financial barrier to any member who wants to volunteer at our events, so if you want to volunteer but paying the low-waged member price isn’t viable for you please contact the events team via events@partisancollective.net. If any of our members have thoughts or would like to get in touch to discuss the volunteering changes for the new year, please feel free to drop us an email to the same address as we can chat further.

We’ve so excited to see what 2022 holds for Partisan, and can’t wait to host even more fantastic events for our members, supported by an amazing team of volunteers and organisers.