We’re starting a mix series!

Partisan Archive and Mix Series!

Partisan has hosted so many amazing events in both our old and new spaces, but only have captured a tiny fraction of them. From now on, the events team are aiming to record as many live performances and DJ sets as possible, to be archived on the Partisan Mixcloud for everyone to enjoy.

Alongside recording & archiving performances, we are also looking to run a Partisan Mix Series. We have loads of talented members in our Collective and we want to provide a platform for you all to share the music you love. For the series, we’re open to a variety of formats & ideas. For example, it could be a DJ mix, podcast or radio show! These will also be uploaded to our Mixcloud if the creator should wish.

We plan to release something new with every issue of our monthly Club and Live Gig Events mail-out. The events team is conscious that not everyone will have access to equipment. In the new year we plan to create opportunities where members can use Partisan’s equipment, and the space, to record DJ mixes. Therefore, whether you have all the equipment or not, please get in touch if you’d like to contribute to the series or have any further questions about how to get involved! You can email events@partisancollective.net, message the #events-licensed channel on Slack, or if you’d prefer, direct message Alex Ross on Slack.