Do you have anything from our wishlist going spare and collecting dust? Below is a list of things we currently need. Please email info@partisancollective.net if you have something to donate. Drop-offs are preferred but we can also arrange collections in Manchester.

Any kind of donation supports us while we make improvements to the space and are massively appreciated!


  • Flipchart
  • Boardgames 
  • Freestanding shelves / sturdy bookcases
  • Radical books + zines for our communal library
  • Reams of printable A4/A3 paper
  • Dehumidifier(s)
  • Black and White Photocopier


  • Indoor Plants
  • Recycling bins
  • Nappy bin(s)
  • Sanitary bins x4
  • Rugs
  • Multi-tiered leaflet holders
  • Folding tables that can be stored away but brought out for events
  • Lamps / low-lighting

Sound / Stage

  • Stage lights
  • Extension leads/power multipliers
  • A pair of Technics 1210
  • A pair of Pioneer CDJ Nexus 2000
  • Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer
  • Drum parts – rack / hi tom, hi hat stand, cymbal stand, stool, snare
  • Guitar amp heads x2
  • Guitar cabinets x2
  • Combo amp
  • Bass amp head
  • Bass cabinet
  • Bass combo amp
  • Keyboard amp
  • DI Boxes – 2-3
  • Vocal mics – 4
  • PA
  • Mics for drums, guitar amps, bass amps and keyboard amps
  • Lots of XLR and instrument cables. Plus coverings so they don’t cause a trip hazard
  • Monitors x3
  • Mic stands

Bar / Cafe

  • Re-useable plastic glasses (half pint and pints) – we want to be more eco-friendly!
  • Itemised tills
  • 2 x smartphones or tablets – just needs to able to run the Paypal Here app, to take card payments
  • Small fridge(s) for the kitchen
  • Beer fridges – one’s with glass fronts specifically for booze
  • Alcohol handwash
  • Tongs to pick up lemon/lime slices for drinks