Volunteer With Us

There are a bunch of ways that you can get involved with Partisan! As a workers’ cooperative, Partisan is shaped and run by our members.

Become a Member

The main thing you can do to be involved with Partisan is to become a member. Membership is on a sliding scale based on your income, and you can sign up here. Membership means you’ll be financially supporting the project, but will also mean that you get a say in how it’s run.
As a member, you:

  • Have voting rights in meetings
  • Can get involved with working groups
  • Can be added to our Slack group – which is the way we communicate internally
  • Can attend member socials
  • Receive our monthly newsletter

Get Involved in a Working Group

Working groups each concentrate on one particular aspect of running Partisan. Working group meetings can be seen on our event calendar and are discussed and arranged via Slack, or you can contact us directly for details on how to get involved.


You can join more than one working group or switch between them at any time, and you don’t need experience to get involved; We’re all about having a go at something new, skill-sharing and learning together.

We’re also all volunteers and understand that everyone is busy – so you can commit to as much or as little as suits you. Everyone’s input is welcome, so if you have accessibility needs please let us know and together we’ll find tasks that will suit you. There are lots of helpful things people can do that aren’t physical, and could be done from home.

Our current working groups are as follows:

Accessibility and Accountability: It’s really important to us that we make our building and events as accessible as possible – and we currently have a lot of work to do to make that a reality. Accountability looks at what policies we need to have in place to make sure we keep each other safe and happy, and so we know how to deal with conflicts as they arise.

Community Outreach: We want to make sure we engage with the local community and other communities in Manchester, and the DIY scene beyond. If you love talking to people, have great contacts, or want to reach out to communities we’re currently missing, please get involved. Contact us on community@partisancollective.net

Design: The physical design, planning, and building of the space. We especially welcome people who have labouring skills at this time – especially design expertise, electrical skills, plastering, tiling, and general building skills.

Bar and Cafe: The running, stocking, and planning of our bar and future cafe. You can do the occasional bar shift, or there’s the opportunity to get more deeply involved in the organisational and operational side of things.

Podcast: Creating podcasts based on and around Partisan, and the groups that use us, from ideas, recording, interviewing, and editing. You can hear the episodes we’ve made so far here.

Sound: PA’s, equipment, sound proofing and sound techs. We would love input from people with soundproofing expertise and sound engineering knowledge.

Media and Communication: The newsletter, social media, promotion, updating and developing the website, flyering, design of posters and other promotional material. Writing press releases and contacting the media. Contact us on media@partisancollective.net

Finance and Fundraising: Working in groups or teams to write funding bids, brainstorm other fundraising ideas, and find other fundraising opportunities. This is needed to buy equipment and make changes to the space (especially accessibility wise) – and also security the ongoing financial viability of the space for years to come. If you have grant writing experience or financial know-how or bookkeeping skills, you’d be perfect for this.

Events: Facilitating the running of events at Partisan. We make decisions on organising outside bookings, and occasionally organise our own in-house events. We also volunteer with running of events on the day.

General Volunteering

For those who would like to do one-off or infrequent volunteering, you can help out in various ways. Sign up for our call outs here, and we’ll e-mail you when there’s a chance to do something with us.


Work Days: These are days where we all get together to work on a variety of tasks that need doing. There’ll be a mix of physical, and computer or admin based tasks. They’re usually on a weekend and currently happen about twice a month. We also add these to our events calendar and as Facebook events.

Bar Shifts: Helping on our bar during events. Like everything else, previous experience is not needed.

General Volunteering: Bits and bobs that don’t fit in the other categories.

The Co-op

The co-op is a smaller group of people who meet regularly to look after the co-ordination, finances, licences and general day-to-day running of Partisan. To join the co-op, you should be involved with the collective for at least 3 months, doing an average of 4 hours work a week. Other than showing ongoing commitment to the project, anyone is welcome to join. After the 3 months, you can express your interest in joining to an existing co-op member at any time. Co-op meetings are currently every Tuesday evening.