Volunteer With Us

For those who would like to do one-off or infrequent volunteering, you can help out in various ways. Sign up for our call outs here, and we’ll e-mail you when there’s a chance to do something with us.


Work Days: These are days where we all get together to work on a variety of tasks that need doing. There’ll be a mix of physical, and computer or admin based tasks. They’re usually on a weekend and currently happen about twice a month. We also add these to our events calendar and as Facebook events.

Bar Shifts: Helping on our bar during events. Like everything else, previous experience is not needed.

General Volunteering: Bits and bobs that don’t fit in the other categories.

Partisan Access Fund Launch

We are extremely excited to announce the Partisan Access Fund’s inaugural launch event on Thursday 20th June 2019! There will be ART There will be RAFFLE There will be GRUB We feel honoured and moved to be able to announce that the relaxed evening will play host to the North West’s debut exhibition of the…

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