Space Hire

We are currently reviewing our booking process, if you would like to enquire about an event then please get in touch at – [email protected].

We have multiple spaces available for hire. Get in touch to discuss your needs and we’ll help figure out the ideal location for your needs. Your proposal will be reviewed by our Events team for suitability. Along with evaluating how successful an event will be, we will consider how in-line with Partisan’s ethos the event is. We are strongly in favour of:

  • diverse line-up of performers
  • events that support good causes (making the event a Partisan fundraiser is always a huge bonus!)
  • DIY groups and artists
  • events that provide a space for marginalised groups

However, this list is not exhaustive and other factors will feed in to our decision so make sure to include plenty of information about your event and potential audience. The more we know about your event the more reasons we can find to work together.

Partisan members

Partisan members may apply for reduced rates if they need the space for charity, activist, community, unfunded arts or similar projects. If you think this might apply to your event, please send a message on Slack in the #event-unlicensed channel.

Event hire supports our work. Paying our standard rates means we can afford to run Partisan and provide an affordable or free venue to those who need it. We’re not-for-profit, meaning all funds go back into improving our building and the work of the collective.