Upcoming: Partisan x Half Edge present: Tom Boogizm & MLE [Rhythm Section]

Partisan Collective and Half Edge have teamed up to put together a special night across both floors at Partisan on September 7th.

Basement: Tom Boogizm (all night long). Upstairs: MLE [Rhythm Section] + Mike [Half Edge], on the brand new & hand-built Sunbeam Sound System.

One ticket for one party over two floors. Free for Partisan members, £5 for non-members.

TOM BOOGIZM [Pariahs / NTS / Boogizm]
Tom is getting more and more widely recognised as one of the best DJs in the UK – and he’s earned it.

Wigan’s finest moves through styles and genres and tempos with unparalleled vision and flow. A 4-hour set from Tom is a guaranteed tour of the all hottest spots in underground party music

His NTS show – Robbin’ Lobsters from Mobsters – is a wonderful insight into Tom’s love of music where he explores his less dancefloor-oriented side alongside his floor-ready bangers. Tick off the genres you *don’t* hear on his two-hour solo show from April.

This city’s dancefloors have been graced with Tom’s wizardry at his own Boogizm events for years, as well as his joint venture with fellow local legend Jon K: Pariahs, which has stood-out as a never-to-miss party at the White Hotel.  Catch their live recording b2b from SFTOC in 2016.

After closing Partisan’s All Day Party #2 with an incredible 2h30 set, we knew we had to get Tom back in for an even longer set in the basement, so this time we’ve got him ALL NIGHT LONG. This one is a *must* for all lovers of dance music with a bassy and rhythmic flavour.

“I’ve sometimes thought, in wildly speculative moments, that happy music must hide some darker secret. It’s not a claim I’d back by any means, but in the case of Rhythm Section – best known for releasing deep, jazzy, Peckham-themed house grooves, blissful smoked out R&B, and carnival-ready drum workouts – the theory seems to hold.

MLE has emerged from the shadows of the RS organisation in recent times, pushing a scarier and more psychedelic sound. Her selections sprawl across decades, genres, and tempos, from industrial chuggers, dubbed out new wave, and sleazy EBM, through to trippy techno, sci-fi electro and the weirder edges of house and disco. With a warm up instore at Eastern Bloc stretching the party out to 9 hours we’re sure to hear some of the deepest and strangest corners of her collection.

Along with with bringing one of my personal dream lineups to Rhythm Section (Tolouse Low Trax, Job Sifre, and Alek Lee !!), she runs a regular show on Balamii radio – What’s The T With MLE? – which has featured emergent London DJs like Vampire Crab, Rosie Ama (Kiara Scuro), and Anu. As well as regularly supporting at Rhythm Section, MLE has recently played along with Sella Turcica in Copenhagen, Sync 24 in London, and in Leeds and Bristol for Spectral, ITT, and Semi Peppered.

After their debut upstairs at the last Partisan Day Party, Sunbeam Soundsystem will be providing the decibels on the night, via their custom hand-built system, and we’re dead excited to give it a workout.” – Mike

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